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Simple Everyday Tips to Increase Libido

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

It’s all too common to be stuck in a rut and disconnected from our sexuality. Sometimes we just need a little stimulation to reignite our imagination. Here are some easy ways to spark your libido:

#1: Daydream – take a few minutes every day to think about what turns you on. Imagine scenarios that get you excited. Draw from past experiences that were hot and heavy or even think about unrealistic situations that turn you on. Be creative.

#2: Read erotica – find a juicy book to get you going. This is especially good if you don’t know where to start. It can help you get ideas and explore new scenarios that get you hot.

#3: Build anticipation – take a few moments throughout the day for foreplay with your partner. Stolen kisses, subtle touching, sexy messages. Focus on being turned on, not getting it done.

#4: Create the right ambiance – solo or with a partner, set the scene with music, candles, bubble bath. Little changes can make a big difference.

#5: Practice your pelvic floor exercises – bring blood flow to your pelvis. This can be done anywhere, anytime. Find triggers throughout the day to remind yourself to do it – traffic lights, washing dishes, boring meetings, or getting into bed. To increase the benefit, add breath work and meditation (maybe not in those boring meetings).

#6: Jade egg exercises – another spin on pelvic floor workouts. The best tool to strengthen these muscles and activate your genitals. Plus, there’s the other benefits of reducing urinary incontinence and having better orgasm.

#7: Breast massage – this is more important for the females. Our breasts are our “positive poles” equivalent to the penis in males – according to Taoist Sexology. Stimulation, love and care for our breasts can be a powerful way to bring sexual energy back into our lives.

These simple tools practiced daily can create big changes to your desire, energy and sex life. Tune into your sexuality and nourish your vitality.

If your low libido is persistent, book an appointment to investigate the root cause. Imbalances in sex hormones, thyroid hormone, iron or vitamin levels could be the cause.

Dr. Dawn

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